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Offering lessons throughout the San Diego area. Located in the foothills of the Cuyamaca mountains in East San Diego County. I welcome dressage students of all ages and skill levels. Available for clinics locally and nationally. 
~ Elizabeth Johnson

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“… I’ve learned and understood much better the mechanics of collection and importance of correct seat. Elizabeth’s directions were very clear and specific. She helped me to achieve significant improvement in effectiveness of my hands and leg cues. On top of that her patience and cheerful, pleasant attitude made the whole experience more enjoyable.” ~ Maggie

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Upcoming scheduled clinic dates:
May 22 Peppertree Farms, Poway
June 10-12 Albany /Madison, Wisconsin
June 25-26 Twin Falls, Idaho
Contact me if you are interested in riding. Spread the word to others in your area!

I am available to travel to different destinations. Please let me know if you are interested in setting up a clinic!!

Whats up!

Well it seems like I spend too much time with the horses and not updating my web site and the Artisan Dressage FB page! It has a busy month including a long journey to Wisconsin to pick up Kilowatt and teach for 3 coooooold days!!! The travel went well with no breakdowns (one minor blip) and Kilowatt “Kitt” traveled like a pro! He spent 3 days in his rolling box stall, unloaded like a champ and has been soaking up San Diego sunshine! He and his turnout buddy Rosie, Ellie’s 3 yr old Sir Gregory filly, are fast friends. It may be time to have a baby shower for all to meet him!!

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Artisan Dressage Training

My goal as an instructor is to foster creative thought processes and training strategies that allow us to realize how we can make clearer aids creating less tension between horse and rider while maintaining quality balanced work. My background has afforded me some interesting perspectives on teaching strategies. Starting dressage in the late 70’s at Woodland Hills Pony Club and over the years I have worked with many top trainers. When I became a parent I all but quit teaching to be a stay at home mom. Unbeknownst to me my real learning about how to teach began as I ended up being trainer for both of my daughters. Everyone knows a parent virtually cannot teach their own child how to ride, but somehow I was able to. After many successful junior championships the pinnacle of their show careers was Katie’s success at North America Young Rider Championships in 2008. Her individual and team Gold achievement was storybook. She has gone on to be a successful trainer out of state. Jessica chose another path in life but still loves horses. In bringing my daughter to FEI I sought outside opinions to keep our perspective fresh. This led to sessions with Steffen Peters and then Debbie McDonald. With both of these prestigious trainers I was able to have my skills as a coach checked while Katie had her lessons with them. Our close relationship with Debbie afforded me a number of years of not only auditing Katie’s lessons but watching Debbie teach many lessons to others. These included the horses Adrienne Lyle rode. Debbie’s sense of timing is impeccable. This developed my eye and timing and problem solving tremendously. I was also very fortunate to work in lessons with both Debbie and Adrienne on my own horse. I feel very fortunate to have this breadth of learning as an instructor. Between learning how to stay calm, be diplomatic, have humor but keep the bar up with my own kids and then being immersed in the top tier of riding and instruction. My goal as an instructor is to bring these experiences to lessons and offer my students nuggets of inspiration they can take away to be used not only in the show ring, schooling or whatever walk of life they choose in this sport. I stay active and competitive on my own horses, Artisan (a home bred Oldenburg and trained FEI horse) and my young horse Galileo (4 yr old dutch gelding just starting out) as well as a limited number of horses in training. I love to teach and share the communication that the horse and rider can achieve while bringing out the athlete. I teach mobile in San Diego County and offer clinics outside of my area. Training horses primarily come to my home barn in El Cajon.
Artisan Dressage Training
Artisan Dressage TrainingFriday, July 20th, 2018 at 6:22am
Artisan Dressage Training
Artisan Dressage TrainingTuesday, June 19th, 2018 at 10:13am
Our Artisan Dressage Family is Growing and not just with the new kittens!!! Welcome Kate and her beautiful boy Len to the barn!!! I have 2 corrals open and possibly a stall if anyone is interested in joining our barn family!!! Click onhte picture for full cuteness!
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth JohnsonSunday, June 17th, 2018 at 8:04pm
Artisan Dressage Training
Artisan Dressage TrainingSunday, June 17th, 2018 at 8:04pm
Check out my new listing on GoHorse! Would love some reviews!! https://www.gohorse.com/artisan-dressage-other-elcajon-ca-55010
Artisan Dressage Training
Artisan Dressage TrainingSunday, June 17th, 2018 at 6:26am
Artisan Dressage Training
Artisan Dressage TrainingWednesday, June 13th, 2018 at 11:16pm



My goal as an instructor is to foster creative thought processes and training strategies that allow us to realize how we can make clearer aids creating less tension between horse and rider while maintaining quality balanced work.
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Show Results, Tips & Resources

Dressage Affaire Results!!

On the first day, Jackie, her first time doing 3rd 3, got a 67%. and Cherylin on her new mare went in 1st level getting 65 and 66 % winning 2 firsts and a 2nd! And on the second day, Cherylin and Jackie for raked in all high 68%s and BOTH won highpoint in their divisions!!!! Also, congratulations to Christi for her 2 nd level score of 62.9 (approx). 3rd in a big class!

Unfortunately Nicole had to scratch as her mare was sore 🙁

Jackie Golden and Cherylin Thallmayer

Jackie Golden and Cherylin Thallmayer

Happy Ponies, Riders and Trainer!!!

Happy Ponies, Riders and Trainer!!!

Leo has decided travel means lots of love!

Leo has decided travel means lots of love!

Championship report.

Artisan 4th Level Championships

Well Championships were not exactly as planned for me and Artisan….. Upon arrival he was quiet and we had a nice ride around the show ground. Unfortunately the next day proved that he was very body sore and could barely 1/2 pass one way. I attributed this to the fact that on the way up I was nearly run off the road and changed lanes on by a huge semi truck causing me to swerve, hit the brakes then swerve back. My poor boy in the tail end of the rig got the brunt of the whip action. In all the years of hauling this was the closest call. So after massaging and therapy we did show with less than stellar results but by the last ride I pretty much had my horse, albeit a very tired one. We came home with our chins up, checkbook empty and smiles on our faces. He is schooling so well and we are looking forward to our lesson with Shannon next week! Joleen and Montego did a stellar job on the first day of her freestyle Ch class getting 6th place USDF! He was a tired but honest boy for the CDS ride. Pam and Bana had a good show, coming in 10th USDF and 11th CDS. I was proud both of them!

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“Thank you to owner/trainers Elizabeth Johnson and Katie Johnson for organizing the 8-horse adjusting clinic today at Artisan Dressage in El Cajon. I am continually impressed with how you both look at the whole horse for possible sources of discomfort, both inside & out. You gals, your horses, and your clients ROCK!”
Dawn Fletcher / Equine Chiropractor