About Artisan Dressage

Artisan Dressage is located in the foothills of the Cuyamaca mountains in East San Diego County. I offer lessons and training locally and will travel for clinics welcoming students of all ages and skill levels.

My dressage philosophy integrates harmonious understanding between the horse and rider while fostering the skills needed to excel in the competitive world. I always try to keep the training and competition experiences positive. I have been active in the dressage community for over 30 years holding my USDF Bronze and Silver medals and working with many top trainers from the US and Europe.

My understanding of the amateur and junior rider’s needs has been heavily influenced by the experience of coaching both of my daughters Jessica and Katie, with my Katie excelling through FEI. Jessica is still involved with the horses but has chosen a different path. My training influences most recently include Debbie McDonald, Shannon Peters and Adrienne Lyle. Debbie has played a prominent role in my philosophies and techniques as Katie was a full time working student in 2009 and part time for 2 years prior. I spent many hours auditing training at Debbie’s barn, as well as taking some myself. In 2010 I officially returned to the show ring on Artisan competing 2nd level.

This year 2013 he is showing successfully Prix St Georges. I am enjoying dedicating time and training on my own horse! The highlight of my recent career is to have my home coached daughter go on to be so successful. The most prominent success being Katie’s accomplishments at the 2008 NAJYRC winning Individual and Team Gold Medals. In 2009 Katie and Milo were invited to and competed at the USEF Festival of Champions (top 12 in the US) in Gladstone New Jersey. After a very soggy week they ended up in 7th! She now has a training position at a barn in Colorado. The combination of what I have learned as being Katie’s teacher and coach has been invaluable to my teaching skills.

After so many years of focusing on my kids and on Katie’s young rider goal, this last couple years of riding my own horse and training have been so much fun. It has been a pleasure to work with my students in the competitive and non competitive setting! I presently have a wonderful group of AA riders. My training barn is private and small creating a family atmosphere. My ability to cater to those in my area by traveling to their barns allows a less stressful training time for the horse and rider.

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