Artisan 4th Level Championships

Well Championships were not exactly as planned for me and Artisan….. Upon arrival he was quiet and we had a nice ride around the show ground. Unfortunately the next day proved that he was very body sore and could barely 1/2 pass one way. I attributed this to the fact that on the way up I was nearly run off the road and changed lanes on by a huge semi truck causing me to swerve, hit the brakes then swerve back. My poor boy in the tail end of the rig got the brunt of the whip action. In all the years of hauling this was the closest call. So after massaging and therapy we did show with less than stellar results but by the last ride I pretty much had my horse, albeit a very tired one. We came home with our chins up, checkbook empty and smiles on our faces. He is schooling so well and we are looking forward to our lesson with Shannon next week! Joleen and Montego did a stellar job on the first day of her freestyle Ch class getting 6th place USDF! He was a tired but honest boy for the CDS ride. Pam and Bana had a good show, coming in 10th USDF and 11th CDS. I was proud both of them!