Upcoming Clinics

Upcoming scheduled clinic dates:
May 22 Peppertree Farms, Poway
June 10-12 Albany /Madison, Wisconsin
June 25-26 Twin Falls, Idaho
Contact me if you are interested in riding. Spread the word to others in your area!

I am available to travel to different destinations. Please let me know if you are interested in setting up a clinic!!

Whats up!

Well it seems like I spend too much time with the horses and not updating my web site and the Artisan Dressage FB page! It has a busy month including a long journey to Wisconsin to pick up Kilowatt and teach for 3 coooooold days!!! The travel went well with no breakdowns (one minor blip) and Kilowatt “Kitt” traveled like a pro! He spent 3 days in his rolling box stall, unloaded like a champ and has been soaking up San Diego sunshine! He and his turnout buddy Rosie, Ellie’s 3 yr old Sir Gregory filly, are fast friends. It may be time to have a baby shower for all to meet him!!


New Wisconsin Clinic

Recently I have started going to Wisconsin to teach!! The group of riders and horses are such a pleasure to work with. Tonight on Face book one of the rider’s posted this post and I am beyond flattered! I just have to share!

“I’m sure she knows, but Elizabeth Johnson is the best. After working our butts off two weeks ago, we are starting to get to a rideability level that would have taken me several months to get to by myself. Now I even have a rhythmical hunter pony over fences that happily accepts half halts. Thank you!!!”

World Cup week!!!

Many of us are fortunate enough be able to go to the World Cup in Las Vegas!!! So excited to see these top horses compete and cheer on our own riders! These are a couple of interesting articles about how the horses from Europe are getting here!



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