I brought my 5 year old, Braveyn, to Elizabeth last week for “boot camp”. He spent seven days with her. When I dropped him off I expected him to get some good education under saddle and hoped that when I picked him up he would be a bit more connected in his work and that we would both learn something in the process. I HUGELY underestimated just how much of a changed man my “baby horse” would be when I picked him up. Today I went out and handled a horse that was not only worlds better under saddle but who had been transformed on the ground as well. My horse is a VERY busy guy… pawing, chewing, looking around, playing with the would around him, acting like a little colt 100% of the time.. that is until he spent the week at Artisan Dressage. He is now standing like a gentleman in the cross ties and is a gem on the ground. Elizabeth took the time to not only improve his work under saddle but to work on him from start to finish and I now have an all around respectful and centered horse. He really turned into an adult. If you are looking for a new trainer or thinking of having your Horse spend more time with Elizabeth I encourage you to do it!! You wont be disappointed.

Kailyn - 2018

Elizabeth is one of the best instructors with whom I have ever had a lesson. After our first lesson, my massage therapist noticed that my horse had totally changed his head carriage and opened in the throat latch. As long as Elizabeth is willing to come to WI, I will continue to trailer Splash to take advantage of as many lessons as I can.


My very first two dressage lessons with Elizabeth were definitely great investment. I’ve learned and understood much better the mechanics of collection and importance of correct seat. Elizabeth’s directions were very clear and specific. She helped me to achieve significant improvemen in effectiveness of my hands and leg cues. On top of that her patience and cheerful, pleasant attitude made the whole experience more enjoyable.


I will never forget all you taught me and the fun times in your barn. If anyone is reading this comment and thinking about this you will never find a better trainer or barn.

Carol Surprenant - 2018

Thank you to owner/trainers Elizabeth Johnson and Katie Johnson for organizing the 8-horse adjusting clinic today at Artisan Dressage in El Cajon. I am continually impressed with how you both look at the whole horse for possible sources of discomfort, both inside & out. You gals, your horses, and your clients ROCK!

Dawn Fletcher - 2017

Equine Chiropractor

Samantha told me that you are the best riding instructor she has ever had! She loves the way you work with her and with Lucjan. You are kind and know how to phrase things in a positive way. Lucjan and Samantha have made wonderful gains since working with you. Samantha looks forward to each lesson with happy anticipation. Thank you for being part of Samantha’s life!

Debby Hoffman

It would not be enough to say what a wonderful job Elizabeth has done for my riding in the over 20 odd years I have known and trained with her. She constantly inspires and challenges me and my mare, Urbana. And with Katie doing such an awesome job riding Urbana during the 2007 show season where she ended up being the high-point horse/rider combination at the JR/YR Championships in LA was just amazing! Thank you both so much!!!!

Pam Tarrel

Both Katie and Elizabeth are incredible teachers and wonderful people. Each lesson brings me and my horse to a whole new level. I can’t believe how lucky I am to receive their instruction and watch Katie’s success grow.

Kiersten Kneisel

Elizabeth and Katie Johnson are a dynamic mother daughter duo. Both women behold such amazing horse sense. I have been fortunate enough to have received hours of valuable instructions from both of them. When describing their dressage training styles- Katie has the analytical eye to catch the minor details that make a huge difference and Elizabeth knits the pieces of the puzzle together (horse and rider) to create a masterpiece. Thank you so much for providing continued support and inspiration for your students!

I wish I was there training with you! Best trainer and amazing barn 

Tiffany Atalla Hernandez - 2017

I’m sure she knows, but Elizabeth Johnson is the best. After working our butts off two weeks ago, we are starting to get to a rideability level that would have taken me several months to get to by myself. Now I even have a rhythmical hunter pony over fences that happily accepts half halts. Thank you!!

From a Wisconsin clinic student - July 2015