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Debby Hoffman
25 August 2009
Samantha told me that you are the best riding instructor she has ever had! She loves the way you work with her and with Lucjan. You are kind and know how to phrase things in a positive way. Lucjan and Samantha have made wonderful gains since working with you. Samantha looks forward to each lesson with happy anticipation. Thank you for being part of Samantha’s life!

Pam Tarrel
19 February 2009
It would not be enough to say what a wonderful job Elizabeth has done for my riding in the over 20 odd years I have known and trained with her. She constantly inspires and challenges me and my mare, Urbana. And with Katie doing such an awesome job riding Urbana during the 2007 show season where she ended up being the high-point horse/rider combination at the JR/YR Championships in LA was just amazing! Thank you both so much!!!!

Kiersten Kneisel
13 February 2009
Both Katie and Elizabeth are incredible teachers and wonderful people. Each lesson brings me and my horse to a whole new level. I can’t believe how lucky I am to receive their instruction and watch Katie’s success grow.

Tiffany Atalla
10 February 2009
Elizabeth and Katie Johnson are a dynamic mother daughter duo. Both women behold such amazing horse sense. I have been fortunate enough to have received hours of valuable instructions from both of them.When describing their dressage training styles- Katie has the analytical eye to catch the minor details that make a huge difference and Elizabeth knits the pieces of the puzzle together (horse and rider) to create a masterpiece. Thank you so much for providing continued support and inspiration for your students!

Christopher Allen Brown
September 27, 2012
Wanting more friends who love horses.

April 1, 2010 at 6:05 pm
Beautiful pair!

Just Jimpa and JeanMa
February 7, 2010
Just taking an “indoor day” to catch up on things and was again looking at the lovely Christmas picture you sent of the girls, so thought I’d look up the sites. Oh well, sure pray all is going well for everyone and we had thought we might get over in February but it doesn’t look likely now. Jim’s having some surgery at Mayo in Phx. about March 4 (nothing too drastic, no return of cancer!!) so busy getting ready for being gone from here a week or so and then we’re heading back to South Dakota about May 1.
Love to you all/ J

Sarah L.
January 16, 2010
Hey Katie! Wie schoen, dass es dir so gut gefaellt!!! It’s really aswesome to hear that you are having such a good time, I am very jealous ;-)) Aren’t those Xmas markets cute? Definitely something I miss about not living in Germany. Have fun and post some pictures sometime!

gigi greene
January 1, 2010
Please give me more info on the clinic in Palos Verdes. Can I bring my own horse & where is the clinic?

Linda Michael
June 29, 2009
You have certainly completed a challenging adventure, Katie. I followed your postings and was fascinated. Shouldn’t all those competitions just be held in southern California where it never rains? But, seriously, I’m glad you are all home safe and sound. And, I’m sorry that you and Milo will be split up. Overall, I commend you for going, competing, and returning with your sights on the next challenge. Linda

Robin Q
June 16, 2009
So glad to hear you all made it there safe and sound! I am excite to learn the good new as show gets underway. Stay safe and healthy. We are rootin’ 4 ya. Go, Katie!

Jennifer Cromwell
February 13, 2009
I’ve been wanting to Congratulate you with your success on Milo. I found Milo in Holland and wished I could have him for myself. The moment I sat on him I felt a special feeling. You have a big fan club in Holland! Have a great season!
All the best,

Carol Surprenant
February 5, 2009
Katie: I am so proud of you. All of your hard work and dedication is showing in your success. Lance and I both miss you very much.

Tyrza van Iperen
November 10, 2008
Your story gave me goosebumps Katie!!
Thats my Mike! He is such a sweet guy! I am so glad it turned out well for him!!
Tyrza van Iperen
(former owner of Millennium)

Rob de Voogd
November 9, 2008
Katie finally my congratulations with your beautiful result in September.
Businesspartner in Holland of Tyrza van Yperenand Jennifer Cromwell in Murrieta CA. keep in touch of future results.With Regards, Rob de Voogd

Angela Rock
September 24, 2008
Hi Katie,
Thought I would see how your trip out there went and how things are going. We all ready miss you but know this is going to be a great experience.

September 18, 2008
I just wanted to say Congratulations to Katie for such AMAZING work! Katie trained my horse “Andy” in dressage work, and he learned so much from her, as did I. She was always a joy to work with, and I loved how she communicated with both me and my horse.
This beautiful young lady is bound for great things, and I am proud to say I know her and have had the chance to work with her!
I’ll be watching for that awesome Olympic day when she brings home the Gold for the USA. You go girl. Miss you here in Tennessee, Andy sends his love, as do I.
Tammy Klassen
Spring Hill, TN

Kathy Holcomb
September 10, 2008
Congratulations, Katie and Elizabeth!
Kathy Holcomb
Woodland, CA