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My Germany Trip!

Finally a report on my Germany Trip!! Would have done more from over there but Katie’s computer decided to sleep in and not wake up!! I haven’t had a chance to do pictures yet either!

I had a great 2 weeks with Katie in the small town close to Oldenburg at the farm, Gestut Nymphenburg. The farm is very old with the customary all brick buildings. The indoor riding hall is very big with lovely footing. Outdoors the green is almost blinding when the sun it out, which is certainly not as often or as bright in San Diego!! In the area and surrounding the farm there are fields and fields of corn, used for cows and biofuel, and trees of all shapes and sizes. And when I say shapes, I am not kidding. They keep then trimmed and pruned perfectly so they can be sold for landscaping! Trail riding through them was beautiful. I got to ride some wonderful horses and hang out in the barn daily. It was so nice to put faces (Equine and People) with names. They were so welcoming.

We also went to Warendorf to watch the Bundeschampionate (National German Young Horse Championships). There were some amazing young horses but I was particularly struck by the quality of the ponies!! I shared Katie’s 22nd birthday with her as well when I was there. It was a weekend full of very incredible food and fun with Herr von Fircks, Johanna and her sister Cosima. And as well we had quiet mom and daughter time.

All in all a great time. Now I am home to focus on the USDF regional finals for Samantha, Ellie and Me and CDS finals for me. It will be held Oct 7 – 10 in LA. When we get our times I will post the info.

Once again I reflect on how lucky I am to have those in my life to make all the travel I have done a possibility. Thanks guys.

Junior Championships & Cool Aug Nights

You bet I am proud!!

Nicole on Carmargue, Elizabeth & Samantha on Lucjan

Great Junior Championship weekend!!!! Nicole and Carmargue are the Champions of their Training Level division and Samantha and Lucjan (Way Too Flashy) are Champions of their Training level division!!!! And Artisan finally decided he had a lot to be proud of and got a 71.9 and 66.2 at Cool Aug. Nights!!! Great show guys!! Go Artisan Dressage!

Meeko 1/31/1996 – 7/25/2010

On July 25, 2010 my good buddy Meeko (14) was lost to a tragic case of colic. He was a big personality in our barn and taught Katie so much for her competitive life. I was out of the country on vacation and could not be with him and I am so grateful for those that took care of him. We miss him terribly but are happy he is not in pain any more. Rest your adorable sole my friend.

Show news!!

So our last show was quite a success!!!!!! Ellie and Garret won the Southern Cal. Adult Amateur Championship in training level!!!!!   Samantha came back with 3 blue ribbons. Raquel and Treasure (Burrito) won a class as well, as did Artisan and I!! All in all a GREAT show.

Some have asked for times for his weekend’s S. Cal. Junior Championships. Samantha (Training level 18-21) and Nicole (Training level 14 and under) will be competing this coming weekend (Aug 27-29)  at the LA Equestrian Center. I will also be there competing Artisan in ‘Cool August Nights’.

Juniors times can be found at

My times can be found at


Preliminary show times. The are subject to change to recheck at the show or on the SD-CDS web site.


Samantha   1:17 & 2:02  both in ring 5

Ellie    8:35 ring 5 & 9:17 ring 1

Raquel    8:07 ring 1

Elizabeth   9:04 ring 4


Samantha   9:45 ring5

Ellie   3:24  ring 1 (RAAC CHAMPIONSHIP RIDE!!)

Raquel    2:13   ring5

Elizabeth  10:33  ring 4

We will be stabled in barn E stalls 21 through 25!! Hope to see  you there.

The Latest News

We spent a couple weeks on a wonderful family vacation in Canada and missed having Katie there with us. The barn is back in full swing a week after returning and in full show prep mode. On a sad note, while I was away, our retired barn mascot Meeko was lost to colic. He was a character and we all miss him. I am still processing in my heart the hole he has left in the barn.

Katie has been very busy as well going to shows in Germany almost every weekend. She missed a very good chance for going to the national young horse championships on the young stallion due to a poor elimintion call made by a judge. Very frustrating. Many ask when she is coming home….we will keep you posted. It seems they like our California girl over there! I have my tickets to go see her and ride for the beginning of September!!

Next weekend 4 of us are showing at the SD chapter show in Del Mar. I will post times as soon as I get them. Ellie will be in the RAAC championships at this show!!!

The last wknd of Aug is the S. Cal Junior Championships in LA and Samantha and Nicole have qualified!

Big news in progress!! Nicole (14) is at the Pony Club National Championships and has swept everything so far with scores ranging from 72% to 78%!!!!

Epilogue..SD-CDS show!

We all survived the weekend! Nicole kept her consistencey with a 65 & 66! Both 2nds! Ellie won her class with a 66! Raquel had an awesome test and got royally ripped off because she wasnt riding talent! Grrrr, such shortsightedness!! And Artisan redeemed himself with a 66. All in all a great wknd!!

Show update!

I am so proud of everyone!! Ellie and Garret got a 68%!!!!. Raquel and Burrito got a 62.4% on Raquel’s first ever dressage class!!! And Nicole and Carmoque (can’t spell his name!) got a 66%!!! And Artisan…didn’t like the indoor arena and was naughty which led to a schooling session for the 2nd class. We got a 63% and a …well we won’t go there…but we had submission in the 2nd test. Tomorrow, 7 classes between us!

San Diego Chapter Show!!

Latest news! Raquel on our great vintage schoolmaster Treasure aka Burrito,  Ellie on Graphic Image aka Garret, junior rider Nicole on Carmoque and me on Artisan will be showing. Ride times can be found at: http//

I have been having lessons with Shannon Peters and loving having the eyes on the ground. She is a great instructor. I am looking forward to visiting Katie in the fall and bringing my riding clothes!!!!! She is doing great!! Inher latest show she won her class on the young stallion she rides, Don Bosse!!! Very exciting. Hopefully a video soon!

Del Mar National

I am sorry to say that I will not be riding at the Del Mar National on Urbana. We had planned on it but she has a bruise in a hoof that has caused us to pull her from the competition. I know I had steered many of you to check the site for times. Pam, her owner, is very sad but we will have her in the show ring soon!

Moorpark 4/10-11/10 New Video!


The show went really well!!!!  Samantha got a 66,64 and 68 winning Jr. High Point for Sunday!! And is qualified for CDS Jr Championships and USDF Regionals! On to 1st level for her! Ellie got 2) 62%’s  and is qualified for the Adult Amature Championships!  I ended up with 2) 66.9%’s and a 68.6%! He was so good and pleased with himself.

Upcoming shows!

This coming weekend Ellie, Samantha and I will be going to Moorpark to compete this weekend. It is Ellie’s first show on her new horse!! It is a quiet beautiful venue. This is sure to be a fun girl’s weekend! After that is Del Mar National in a couple weeks where I will be showing Urbana 2nd level!

Katie is heading into a very fun and busy show schedule as well over there which includes some travelling around the country! 

I will update on all of this as it comes in!

Katie has visited!

Katie made the journey to visit for the holiday week. To say we were all happy is putting it mildly. She kept herself rediculously busy with visiting and riding. Yes…. she was on a horse before she was here for 24 hours! I really enjoyed the ‘in house’ eyes on the ground and a little new perspective she has brought home with her. For her, horsie highlights were driving up to LA to ride Milo and visit Pam and riding out young boy Santayo! She arrived back in Germany mid day today (our time).

Show Results & News!

Samantha and I had a blast at the Dressage Affaire! Our horses grew daily and were such good boys. This was a big event for both of them. Samantha and Lucjan (Way Too Flashy) rode in training level getting a 61,63 and 68! Artisan and I got a 61 and two 63’s. We are looking forward to the next excursion. I will get a couple videos of Dressage Affaire loaded asap.

Katie showed as well in Germany the same weekend! She was on Hot Chocolate “Choco” and had a conservative but honest test recieving a 63% at M level. This weekend she will be showing the young stallion she calls “Fishy”  in his first show.

It looks like our next outing will be a trip to Mission Pacific by Moorpark with Artisan, Lucjan and Garrett (Ellie’s horse) in April for a 2 day show. It should be a fun trip.

I brought our boy Santayo home from his month at school and hats off to my friend Reed Branson for doing a steller job giving out little man trust and respect! I reccomend him to anyone wanting to have their baby broke.

I am off to Ramona this weekend for a clinic! Yeah for the weather !!!

Dressage Affaire Ride Times

We are off the the Dressage Affaire Thursday!  Many have asked for our ride times, so here they are! The rain has made preparations a little questionable but both horses (and riders) will benefit from the experience! For full information about the show go to  For up to date ride times please double check with their site.

Elizabeth & Artisan:  Saturday/ ring 4/ 12:46 /2nd level test 4 &  ring 3/ 4:49/ 2nd level test 3—- Sunday/ ring4/9:28/ 2nd test 4

Samantha & Lucjan (Way too Flashy): Saturday/ring 4/11:05/training 4 —  Sunday /ring 3/ 10:55 / training 4 / & ring 4 /2:28/ training 3

Good Bye Oreo

Oreo and KatieSad day here. We lost our beloved Oreo tonight. She has given so much. She taught Katie how to love a horse/pony; appreciate their sense of humor, ride determined, trust like a friend and play lots of fun games! The insurmountable time Katie and Jessica (on Melanie) spent on their ponies was so fun to watch. Katie got her when she was 4 which put Oreo at about 33 yrs old. We all will miss her.

New stuff

Wow its almost March already! With all the rain I think it will be a beautiful spring and all of us will welcome drier weather!

Our year is starting out with exciting stuff! Katie is settled in to a good routine in Germany. She is enjoying her regular horses and will be competing for her first time in a couple weeks!!! They have many shows lined up  including a two week show in Munich! She will be home for Easter which we are all excited about. I hope to go over there at the end of summer.

Back here in El Cajon I am enjoying concentrating on my riding!  Artisan turned a huge corner in training and we are having so much fun together. I went to Debbie’s for a lesson a couple weeks ago and came away very excited! Clips of the lesson were just added to the site. Hopefully I will be back up there very soon for another.

I will be taking Artisan to the Dressage Affaire, Mar. 12 – 14, second level. Samantha and Lucjan will be showing as well!! Doing this horse travel without Katie feels very strange!

Santayo, “Tayo” our almost 3yr old is off at school! I have been on him (in a western saddle, you should see me post in it, ha ha!) and he is due to come home mid March!