A schooling show was held on Saturday, May 30, 2009 at Creek Hollow Ranch in Ramona, Ca. Two of our students, Jenna on Annie and Carol on Lance competed at the Introductory Level. It was both of the pairs first show together and they both did amazing! Jenna and Annie received a 73% and and 82% and Carol and Lance received a 63% and a 69%.

We are so proud of both of them! The Creek Hollow Ranch schooling shows are super affordable and are a wonderful way to get out in the ring and have fun. We all need to support these small shows in order to keep them around!!!

Whats up this early May.

Del Mar was a success with Katie and Milo coming away with a 65.1 average to be applied toward her championship standings. We had a lot of fun up there and were sad to have to say good bye to Debbie and the crew. Katie followed them back to LA, got them packed and off to Idaho in the following couple days. MIlo came home with me and now Katie too it here for a while. We plan on going to another qualifying show, which is why she stayed in Ca. I am not complaining, I am enjoying them both!

Just prior to Del Mar I had the opportunity to go back up and have 2 more lessons with Debbie! What a treat!! This weekend I am teaching a clinic in Ramona. Its not too late to join in! Then Sunday I am taking Artisan out for his first show in ages at Creek Hollow.  It should be fun!


Dressage Affaire Update

Katie and Milo added nicely to their goals for qualifying for Young Riders again. They achieved a 64.7 and a 66.3 in their test rides and a 67.2 on the freestyle!!! It was fun to have so many show up on Sunday for the freestyle. It is so rare to be able to share her riding with everyone!! Thanks for coming!

The first show is a success for Katie and Milo!!

At the show last weekend at the LA Equestrian Center Katie got to test out her progress in training! She achieved a 68.9 % at Prix St Georges and he was ready go on Sunday to get a 70.2 %  in the young rider test! I went along in grooms capacity, which felt odd. It is always a treat to listen to Debbie coach and teach!


Congratulations Tiffany, Jenna and Samantha

Whether its Young Riders or a schooling show, I get sappy when they have fun and do well! At a schooling show in Ramona, Tiffany Atalla rode her mare Fiesta in training level test 3 & 4 in their first show together, achieving 1st and 3rd place with a 63 & 66 %! Jenna Smith rode her first dressage tests ever on our beloved school master Treasure aka Burrito (24!) training level 1& 2 winning each class with a 66 and 69%! And Samantha Hoffman on Lujan rode training test 3 & 4 in their first show together getting a 2nd and 3rd with a 62% and a 64%!!! I am very proud of all of them. Pictures will be coming soon!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!