Latest Show Info

It has been a crazy year for shows with all the rain and then the virus. CDS announced that they have changed the qualifications for CDS Junior Championships, RAAC and the Open Championships. You can look on the CDS web site if you are interested in the changes. Artisan and I have decided to take the remainder of the show year to school at home as he is on the edge of some training breakthroughs I want to work on without the complications of showing. Katie has been going to the Los Angeles area teaching quite often and has some students qualified for RAAC. It should prove to be a fun busy show for our barn.

Upcoming show dates are:

Aug 6, Creek Hollow Schooling show

Aug 13/14 San Diego Chapter / RAAC

Sept 16 -18 Del Mar International / CDS Junior Championships

Revised show times!!

There are revised times for the show Chapter Show at the Del Mar horse park this weekend.
Sorry they are so different for those that have planned to come up.
All of the times below are for Saturday.Elizabeth  third 1  4:27 in ring 1
third 3  5:17 in ring 3

Veronica  Tr 2  8:15  ring 2
Tr 3  9:45 ring 2

Joleen 4th – 3  3:51  ring 1 (Joleen rides Sunday as well.)

also for a full schedule check on the chapter page:

Next show local is Creek Hollow July 16 – 17  – entries close July 2nd.

Summer Updates

We have all been busy with work, riding and school!! Katie finished her deluge of college work and for the summer and is getting busy teaching a lot in Palos Verdes and Long Beach. We also welcome San Diego Sport Horses to our group as Katie is trainig for Linda Hackney. She has some lovely young horses!
Thank goodness the virus scare seems to be dwindling. Between rain and that this show season has been sketchy.
Shows are going on and I will be attending the upcoming SD chapter show on the 18th and 19th of June. Veronica and Joleen will be as well! I will post times when we get them. We will be showing Saturday.
After reviewing the upcoming shows I think we will be attending the local circuit. This includes:
Creek Hollow July 13 &14
Creek Hollow *schooling* July 30
SD Chapter / RAAC Aug 13 / 14
Del Mar International Sept 16 – 18
Remember the RAAC qualifier is now 1 score above 60%. The July Creek Hollow Show is the last one to qualify locally. Be sure to read the rules.
Happy trails!  Elizabeth

News as of March 17th.

The Creek Hollow Schooling show went great! It was Shane’s and Eleonor’s first show.  Shane rode Sly in the new USDF  test C which includes just 1/2 – 3/4 of a circle of canter. What a great test. He rode it twice improving his score wonderfully on the 2nd ride getting a 57% and a 62.5! Eleonor rode Burrito “Treasure”  training level 1 & 2 getting a 65 and 67%!!! Not bad for an  (almost) newly converted western rider! Heather rode Vinny in training level 2 & 3 doing a super job and getting a 63 and 65%! He thought maybe there was another agenda at first but decided it really was a dressage show and looked amazing! And I have to say what a pleasure it was to team up with Katie and have her help giving pointers and read all the riders tests! Great to have my partner back!

Last weekend I helped out a PARA rider who, against all odds, competed in The PARA  Olympic qualifier at Dressage Affaire. It was a stessful weekend for her as she was on a loaned horse since she could not get hers here due to a tornado and truck trouble causing them to miss their flight. I went and helped her warm up as well as braiding etc. BUT she did get her qualifying score to go to the next qualifier!!

Faith, our new friend, who has been here for a month or so is heading back  to Germany. She expects to be back here soon. Burrito will miss her.

Veronica and Rambo have officially rounded out our barn and have decided to stay here!!

Burrito has a couple openings for lessons now so if you want to work on your seat or have a lesson on a schooled lower level horse, let me know. He really enjoyed his show a couple weeks ago.

I will be in Ramona for a clinic this weekend, the 19th,  so if  you know anyone interested, spread the word. Pat Murphy’s place is so nice.

Upcoming shows:

*San Juan Capistrano: Nicole, Samantha, Cathy and I will be going to this 1 day show on the 26th. Entries have closed.

Creek Hollow Schooling
Mission Pacific in Somis: April 9-10  This is a fun show with good stabling and cheap hotel! Entries close the 25th but for stabling we should enter early. Right now its Me and Samantha. We may be picking up a horse on the way but if you think you may want to go, Let me know!!! Best to go with a full trailer.

LA Chapter Show (CDS only) is April 22-23 (fri/sat) It is super economical!!!

In May starts some of the closer shows. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy riding!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!

What’s coming up!

School Horse Lessons Available:   Burrito will have some openings for lessons coming up in mid March as Faith returns to Germany (to spread the word great school horses we have here!) and gives up her lesson spots. Let me know if you are interested. His show name of “Treasure” given by Jessica when she got him is so insightful. He is just that. His Birthday is April Fools day and he will be 27 young!!! Eleonor is showing him at the Mar 5th schooling show!

March 5th is a schooling show at Creek Hollow! We should have a good showing (pun intended) there with 4-6 riders!! If anyone wants to join us we will have Katie reading tests and Elizabeth warming up the riders. It is a great way to go down the centerline, cast off those jitters and learn to really ride in the show ring with out the cost!!!! If you need information let me know!

March 6th Katie will be holding a clinic in the Palos Verdes and Long Beach area. Contact Katie or Elizabeth for more info through the web site.

March 11-14 is Dressage Affaire! Artisan and I will be debuting 3rd level on Friday and Saturday. We are the only ones going from the home barn but Lena Volland and her friend Karen, from Katie’s clinic up north, will join me as Katie coaches them for their rides! We have a new friend as who will be there, Laurietta Oakleaf, coming from Ohio to ride in the 2012 Paralympic qualifier on her 2 stallions! Check out her inspiring web site:    She is looking for any help/sponsorship  (host family, extra car for transportation while she is here, etc) in her quest to qualify and participate in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London.

March 19 I will be doing a clinic in Ramona at Murphy Sporthorses. It is a lovely private barn with a full sized dressage arena. I always look forward to my day up there! Contact me through the web site if  you are interested in riding in it. If you know any inspired juniors / pony clubbers I really enjoy taking them through to the CDS Junior Championships in September (which have been moved to Del Mar Horse Park this year!!!).

March 26 is a CDS show in San Juan Capistrano. It is a great opportunity to compete in a smaller setting and for less $ as it is CDS only. The points still apply for RAAC, Junior Championships and CDS Championships. Just not USDF Ch. The entries close March 12 and can be found at:  It looks like we will be going with a group!

Ride Times for CDS & USDF Championships!

Thursday Oct 7 (warm up rides)

8:07 Samantha   Tr 4  (small oval)

8:43 Elizabeth  2nd 3   (small oval)

1:20  Ellie  Tr 4  (ring 5 Allen)

Friday Oct 8

8:48  Elizabeth  2nd 3 CDS HOY (small oval)

11:59  Ellie  Training Level USDF HOY (ring 5 Allen)

3:40  Elizabeth  2nd 4 USDF HOY  (small oval)

Saturday Oct 9

11:20  Samantha  Training Leval USDF HOY (ring 4 Allen)

1:54  Elizabeth 2nd 4 CDS HOY  (ring 5 Allen)

Show news!!

So our last show was quite a success!!!!!! Ellie and Garret won the Southern Cal. Adult Amateur Championship in training level!!!!!   Samantha came back with 3 blue ribbons. Raquel and Treasure (Burrito) won a class as well, as did Artisan and I!! All in all a GREAT show.

Some have asked for times for his weekend’s S. Cal. Junior Championships. Samantha (Training level 18-21) and Nicole (Training level 14 and under) will be competing this coming weekend (Aug 27-29)  at the LA Equestrian Center. I will also be there competing Artisan in ‘Cool August Nights’.

Juniors times can be found at

My times can be found at


Preliminary show times. The are subject to change to recheck at the show or on the SD-CDS web site.


Samantha   1:17 & 2:02  both in ring 5

Ellie    8:35 ring 5 & 9:17 ring 1

Raquel    8:07 ring 1

Elizabeth   9:04 ring 4


Samantha   9:45 ring5

Ellie   3:24  ring 1 (RAAC CHAMPIONSHIP RIDE!!)

Raquel    2:13   ring5

Elizabeth  10:33  ring 4

We will be stabled in barn E stalls 21 through 25!! Hope to see  you there.

San Diego Chapter Show!!

Latest news! Raquel on our great vintage schoolmaster Treasure aka Burrito,  Ellie on Graphic Image aka Garret, junior rider Nicole on Carmoque and me on Artisan will be showing. Ride times can be found at: http//

I have been having lessons with Shannon Peters and loving having the eyes on the ground. She is a great instructor. I am looking forward to visiting Katie in the fall and bringing my riding clothes!!!!! She is doing great!! Inher latest show she won her class on the young stallion she rides, Don Bosse!!! Very exciting. Hopefully a video soon!

Upcoming shows!

This coming weekend Ellie, Samantha and I will be going to Moorpark to compete this weekend. It is Ellie’s first show on her new horse!! It is a quiet beautiful venue. This is sure to be a fun girl’s weekend! After that is Del Mar National in a couple weeks where I will be showing Urbana 2nd level!

Katie is heading into a very fun and busy show schedule as well over there which includes some travelling around the country! 

I will update on all of this as it comes in!

Dressage Affaire Ride Times

We are off the the Dressage Affaire Thursday!  Many have asked for our ride times, so here they are! The rain has made preparations a little questionable but both horses (and riders) will benefit from the experience! For full information about the show go to  For up to date ride times please double check with their site.

Elizabeth & Artisan:  Saturday/ ring 4/ 12:46 /2nd level test 4 &  ring 3/ 4:49/ 2nd level test 3—- Sunday/ ring4/9:28/ 2nd test 4

Samantha & Lucjan (Way too Flashy): Saturday/ring 4/11:05/training 4 —  Sunday /ring 3/ 10:55 / training 4 / & ring 4 /2:28/ training 3