September is a busy month. We just had the So. California Junior Championships in Del Mar and it was a great weekend! Samantha on Way To Flashy (Lucjan) were Champions of their division, 1st level 18 -21!!!!  And Veronica on Ramblin Man (Rambo) had lovely rides in a big division coming in 5th, Training level!  We are so proud of these girls who both had a tough year with time off and came back like they did!!!

Also this month was Creek Hollow Dressage. Veronica squeaked in her final qualifying score at this show by getting 2) 67%s!!!! And Katie rode her first US show since her time back home from Europe on Ticolino. She got a 74.8% and a 72.9% at first level!!
Sadly Veronica and Rambo will be moving back to Kentucky at the end of the month. We will miss them here but wish them safe travels and green pastures. (And I am jealous of those pastures)