I am back from a fun relaxing trip to Canada on the lake! I realize that I forgot to post the results from the last show in Temecula last month!! Congratualtions to Samantha and Lucjan with a 65% in their 1st level test! And to Joleen and Montego with a 60 and 61% at 4th level!! Good Job ladies.

This weekend, Aug 12 & 13 we are in Del Mar for the Chapter show and RAAC. Here is the rider information for ride times. As they seem to be changing often I will give you the link to them. Here is a list of names of those showing so you can look up the rider you want to see and cheer on!! Hope to see you there.

Samantha Hoffman on Lucjan
Nicole Marshall on Carmoque
Pam Tarrel on Urbana
Joleen Schultz on Montego
Karen Harper on Revance
Pam Schachter on Millenium