Lots of tidbits of news!!  We just went to the San Diego Chapter Awards banquet and enjoyed dancing and great food! Samantha and Lucjan were Training level Jr. Reserve Champions and Nicole and Carmaque were 3rd in the same division!!! You go girls! Artisan and I were 3rd place in 2nd level Open. 

Barn news…… We have 2 new boarders  for this month. We welcome Cathy and Ed in for training to help Cathy jump start her plunge into the dressage world! Veronica and Rambo  moved in as well so Rambo can go to school while Veronica is off travelling!! Our school master Burrito (Treasure) has a full schedule this month and has officially offered his golden teaching  internationally! He has a student visiting from Germany and is helping her learn her skills and confidence!! Welcome Faith from Europe! My clinics in Ramona are up and running again after the summer of travel and the holidays. Anyone interested please let me know! They are held at a Pat Murphy’s very nice private barn. The show season starts officially this month for us as we go to Somis to a quiet show. Tayo will experience his first real away experience and Artisan will do his first 3rd level. Samantha is on to 1st level! The next competition is Dressage Affaire in Mid March. Katie has settled in and started school again at Grossmont. She has been sharing her great eyes on the ground with me and her clinics in Palos Verdes and Long Beach are stating back up!  She is available for lessons or training in San Diego County as well.

Happy riding.  Elizabeth