The Festival of Champions has come to a very shaky WET close. Katie rode her second ride today after a full night and morning of pouring rain. We worked MIlo in the standing water yesterday in preparation and with some convincing he worked through lakes and slop very well in the warm up ring. After a great warmup today in the lower ring, which had ample rubber into provide some bounce, he entered the show ring and realized the footing was very puddly and unforgiving. Once again he found himself uncertain as to how to deal with it and in the name of trying to stay forward through it he put in an adequate test, no where to his ability. This was a fine time to realize that she has never really schooled him in mud! His final overall score was a 64.4, placing them in 7th overall. Disappointing but we must realize it is an honor to be here. Definatly the horses from wet areas prevailed! Just after her class finished, the rest of the Championships were called off!!! The Grand Prix Special and I-1 riders never got to finish and were placed with the scores they had achieved. The rain was unbelievable and everyone came away with the sad realization that infamous Gladstone is so outdated. State of the art footing or a move of the operation to Kentucky are imperative. Despite the frustration and mess it was great to see old friends and meet new ones. Katie is especially sad as this marks one of her final times with Milo as Pam has decided to sell him. She did not qualify to go to The NAJYRC next month in Kentucky. We start our journey home early Tuesday morning and hope to take about 4 1/2 days.  It will be good to see you all and our critters. Thanks again to all of you for your support. May the next show be DRY!!!!   Elizabeth