Today was a good day. Milo worked very well and seemed happy to get the show on the road. Many more competitors have shown up and the beautiful grounds are taking on the feel that a show will be starting soon!! We have a small group of California riders and horses in our barn and are realizing that we are very spoiled with the quality of hay we get back home. Unfortunately we packed one bale of our ‘baled gold’ timothy hay. The small bales here are musty and virtually unrecognizable as timothy. We are feverishly working on a healthy alternative. 

It is so incredibly green here and the main historic building is amazing. The Grand Prix and I-1 horses get to stable in the main barn. The others are in a large tent barn. The weather has fortunately been mild although pretty rainy. Almost got my trailer stuck! Jessica and I had a fun journey driving across the country after dropping Katie and Milo off with Debbie in LA in Tuesday. We arrived here  on Friday evening. Jessica learned how to drive a truck and trailer on the fly at 70!! She showed up the truckers.

Tomorrow is the last day before the show officially gets going. We’ll try to get more pictures up tomorrow!!