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Hello Everyone,

As the time for the USEF Festival of Champions is closing Milo and I are so excited to be going to this prestigious event! We will be in the best competative company that I could ever hope for at this time in my career. Please keep checking back for updates and hopfully videos!! The funds for the trip are coming together thanks to so many very generous people…….

  • Pam S. for everything that you have done and continue to do!!
  • Mike S. & the team at “Rapid Transmissons” for the use of your wonderful truck!
  • Some selected extended family members
  • Lisa and John Seger, “Seger Insurance & Equine Products, Inc.”
  • Robin Quasenbarth and Gary Vella, “On Q Hanoverians”
  • Nancy Reed, “Nancy Reed Horses”
  • Christina Melhouse, Esq., “Ligget, Davis, Pagnini & Melhouse”
  • Aubrey and Raffy Dorian,“Moblie Veterinary Practice”
  • Lady G.
  • Linda M.
  • Diane G.
  • Joe G.
  • Sharon and Kieran G.
  • Gladys W. and Simon K.