Sept. 24, 2008- I just got back to El Cajon yesterday from delivering Katie and Milo to River Grove. She has been incredibly busy, hence no message from her. I am sure she will get to it soon. Our trip went smoothly, Milo settled in well and Katie is in heaven!   Elizabeth

Oct 3, 2008- Hello Everyone,

Well Milo and I arrived in beautiful Hailey, Idaho at River Grove Farm on Friday September19th. He has settled in nicely and has a great stall with a large run attached to the back. I have worked everyday since we arrived so I haven’t had much free time hence the delay in the updates.  I am still getting settled in to my new house with my roommate.

I am figuring out a routine at work. My daily chores consist of taking care of 4 horses. That may not sound like a lot but each day the horses need to be groomed, tack up and un-tacked, put on the euro-walker twice for 45 minutes each time, turned out in the grass pasture, fed grain and wrapped. So my days stay really busy. I get two days off and I get to ride Tuesday thru Friday.

The facility here is state of the art and immaculately groomed. Milo and I both think we have died and gone to heaven. He gets to go on the Euro-Walker, which is like a hot walker that the horses are loose in, for 45 minutes twice a day. Then he gets an hour or more out in the grass pastures and at some point during the day he gets worked in one of the three different arenas and taken for a trail ride on the over 2 miles of groomed trails. He is pretty much living the good life! The weather has been perfect…chilly in the morning and then sunny and about 75 during the day.

I will try and put some pictures up soon. Hope everyone is doing well at home and enjoying fall. Feel free to email me to keep me company!! I miss everyone at home and all my four legged friends!

Talk to you soon,
                                    Katie & Milo


OK so the kid was so busy riding working and getting to know the area that we barely heard from her on the site !!! They are in LA area now for the show season! Maybe we can get her to say more!!